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Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women 2014 Part 2

Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women 2014 Part 2

Welcome as I count down the final 5 of the Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women 2014.

In the first 5 we had some wenches, a sexy police officer and a little lady luck.

These outfits are just my opinion and are just meant to show some really sexy outfits that can be shipped quickly to you in time for Halloween.  Which by the way is obviously less than 2 weeks away!

The final 5 will probably be great for any Batman movie lovers, along with some other sexy classics.

(Click on any of the images if your interested in getting the costume for yourself or someone else.)

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #5 Rodeo Cowgirl Sweetie Costume

For those sweetheart southern girls that want to look incredibly sexy take a look at this rodeo cowgirl costume.

Price: $30 to $42

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #4 Cat Woman Costume

This is one of my favourites and it could have been #1, if it was a little better quality it would have been.  Who doesn’t love a sexy tight fitting outfit like this one.

Price: $35

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #3 California Nurse

This is a really sexy classic outfit and even better, this particular company donates to Breast Cancer for every costume sold.  It is breast cancer awareness month, so feel good about getting this sexy classic.

Price: $24.46

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #2 Pink Sequin Bunny Costume

Who doesn’t want to go to the playboy mansion and meet a Playboy Bunny!  This isn’t an official outfit, but it is a really sexy pink bunny costume that appears to be high quality.

Price: $66 to $115

Finally The #1 Sexiest Halloween Costume for Women 2014

In honour of the new great batman themed show Gotham is a sexy Batman Arkham Asylum Secret Wishes Costume.

It just seems like a naughty nurse type sexy costume, that is more of the opposite of the sexy nurse.  The bad nurse having fun at the institution.

Price: $21 to $55

Hope you enjoyed my list of the 2014 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women, only meant as a suggestion guide and just for fun.

Check out If you want to see more Halloween Costumes for everyone!

 #10 to #6 Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women


5 Great Men’s Halloween Costumes for 2014

5 Great Men’s Halloween Costumes for 2014

Halloween is a great night for everyone, women get to have fun, men get to see women in sexy costumes.  Kids get candy and parents can jack a cut if they like.  Horror movies, parties, its a great little holiday that rolls around once a year.

For some guys they have no problem dressing up in some crazy bizarre costume, some paint their face and go all out.  I don’t really go along with all of that, that is why I made the top 10 great Men’s Halloween costumes, with different types of men in mind.

I have a bunch of costumes on this list for people who want a solid costume, without it being too overboard, also have a couple just crazy costumes for those out there with no fear.

Enjoy the costumes, order one up if you like and have a great Halloween.  Enjoy having a little less stress when October 31st comes along this Halloween 2014.

Top Men’s Halloween Costumes Category Intense and Scary

1. Morphsuits Monster Facelift

This looks pretty intense and would be a great way to terrorize the neighbourhood or chill people up at parties.

Price: $63.73

2. Premium Scary Zombie 

For all the walking dead lovers or any other zombie show or movie, go wander around as a scary zombie.

Price: $53.09

For Game of Thrones Fans

#3. Medieval King Costume

This isn’t authentic, but who cares go look like a Game of Thrones character, a ton of people will relate.

Price: $115 to $165

Comfortable Costumes

#4. Playboy Huge Hefner Smoking Jacket

Can’t go wrong with this one, simple, easy and could easily attract the ladies.

Price: $32 to $69.95

#5. Police Officer Costume

How can’t you not like an outfit that comes with handcuffs, that alone may attract some wild lady if your single.

Price: $31 to $55.99

Enjoy these 5 Men’s Halloween Costumes

Whether you want to go with the scary or just a casual costume, that might attract some females, there is a costume for everyone at Amazon.

Hope you have a great Halloween and get a costume today so you can relax and have no worries for when Halloween comes around.

Men’s Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween and Snag Up a Sexy Lady this Halloween


Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women 2014 Part 1

Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women 2014 Part 1

It’s Halloween a great time of the year for women around the world to let lose, and dress in some sexy costume in public, where they make men drool.

It’s one day a year, or night a year where dressing up as sexy as you can is encouraged rather than snickered at.  These are just one persons opinion and meant for more fun and possibly an opportunity than anything, so don’t take them to seriously.

I personally think that people shouldn’t be judged and sexy outfits be more common in everyday society, but that is just my opinion.

Without further jabbering on here is my 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women!

(Click on any of the images if your interested in getting the costume for yourself or someone else.)

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #10 Tavern Wench

Game of Thrones is super popular so why not one of those wenches from a tavern in the show, sounds like a pretty filthy job, but this outfit is a bit more elegant.

Price: $30 to $40

 Sexiest Halloween Costumes #9 High Seas Costume

For those that love boats or the open water, get a sexy sailor costume.  Has the schoolgirl type stockings, a hot little package.

Price: $28.71

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #8. Dream Girl Lady Luck

With BookTheWin focused on various gambling activities why not have a little lady luck costume.  Who can’t use a little lady luck during Halloween any ways.

Price: $40.17 (22% off)

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #7. Pink Pirate Costume

Another water themed outfit comes in at #7 with the sexy pink pirate costume.  Also another wench type outfit, but no denying how sexy some beautiful women can be in outfits like these.

Price: $36.24

Sexiest Halloween Costumes #6. Sexy Police Officer

Here is a really hot police officer outfit, but after through review handcuffs are not included.  So make sure to pick them up to you know make the outfit more authentic.

Price: $35.53

What Sexy Costume will be #1?

Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes #5-1 Pt. 2


6 Cool Halloween Decorations for 2014

6 Cool Halloween Decorations for 2014

Halloween is only 12 days away and if you want to try something different this year, why not get some epic new Halloween decorations.

I searched Amazon for the most interesting and cool Halloween decorations.  Below is the 6 Halloween decorations that I think are deserving of this barely epic list, I chose 6 as it seemed like a good Halloween number, but there are plenty of others to be found.

6 Cool Halloween Decorations for 2014

Here are some of the cool Halloween decorations for this year:

Peanuts Waiting for the Great Pumpkin Figurine

Charlie Brown along with the Peanuts always reminds me of simpler times, the good old Charlie Brown specials.  Why not have a classic figurine to show the non scary times of Halloween.

Price: $65 (7% off)

2 Sided Zombies Sign

Cool cheap zombies sign that is about a foot long.

Price: $1.50

Boston International Glass Pumpkin

These are becoming very popular, I have one myself they are featured on some commercials.  They are a cool looking piece of Art that is great for the living room or kitchen.

Price: $32.50

Tie a Mummy Wall Mural

Perfect for against a tree or maybe a corner of your garage, it is a big 5 foot tall creepy looking mummy.

Price: $12.99

Bleeding Zombie Bowl

You need a place to store all of the candies, that your handing out to all the kids.  It might give everyone in the neighbourhood something to talk about how they received candy from your place.

Price: $7.79

Crazy Corn Stalker

This is a really cool one that should chill up a kid or two and it could be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Price: $172.37

Halloween Is Coming

It’s going to be Halloween in no time so today is the day to order it up, there is everything you need from costumes to candy at Amazon and there are cool decorations like the 6 I showed above.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.

Other Halloween Decorations


My Strategy to Make College Football Playoff Fair

My Strategy to Make College Football Playoff Fair

This is the first year of the 2014 College Football playoff system where the Top 4 teams in College Football will play in a single elimination playoff format where you have to win 2 games to become national champion.

Personally I am excited for this, I thought Oregon was the second best team when Alabama hammered on Notre Dame a couple seasons ago and they would have had an opportunity as the clear #3 team.  There only loss being in over time to Stanford.

There is going to be 13 members determining the selection of the college football playoff this year and already there is some talk wandering.   Including history of a member of the committee that questions if his judgement will be impartial, since he was fired from one of the teams that are in contention.

My Solution to College Football Playoff That Could Work Permanently

I would add a 14th member, not saying myself but I would make it 14 members.  They all have their discussions on pros and cons and seriously look into the polls and all the factors needed to determine a top 4.

After they have their discussion they are all separated into private booths where they list in order their Top 25 schools, or even Top 10, you only need to get the Top 4 in the end.

A private third party collects the data and has the organized order of where each of the 14 members rank the top 10 teams we will use as the example.

Let’s use the Current AP poll as an Example:

1. Florida State 5-0

2. Auburn 5-0

3. Mississippi State 5-0

4. Ole Miss 5-0

5. Baylor 5-0

6. Notre Dame 5-0

7. Alabama 4-1

8. Michigan State 4-1

9. TCU 4-0

10. Arizona 5-0

How My System Works

You eliminate the Low 3 and High 3 Numbers and take the average of the remaining 8.

Let’s go with Florida State here is how the 14 members of the committee ranked Florida State 1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,3,1,1,1,1,2

1,1,1   1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,     2,2,3

You would get rid of 3 1’s and rid of the 2,2,3 and are left with 8 1’s.  There Rank would be 1.0 (8/8)

Auburn went 1,1,2    2,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,   3,3,4,

You would take out the 1,1,2, and 4,3,3 and it would be left with 7 2’s and 1 3 for a score of 2.125 (17/8)

You get rid of the 3 high ranking and 3 low rankings so that one person or even a couple can’t team up to screw over a team only 8 scores count and you are left with an average score and then rank teams by that average score.

It doesn’t matter if scores are 1.0, 2.125, 4.00, 4.50 4.75

Teams are ranked from those scores so 1.0 is the #1; 2.125 is the #2; 4.00 is the #3; 4.50 is the #4 and 4.75 is the bubble team at #5.

I think It would be Hard for the General Public to be thinking it was rigged and that the #5 team was Screwed over because of shady antics.


This is just my opinion but I think, this would be a fair solution that you could use year after year.

Must.Have.Beautiful.boobs.1020x1080-playWP (4)

NHL Regular Season Kicks Off Tonight Odds to Win Stanley Cup

NHL Regular Season Kicks Off Tonight Odds to Win Stanley Cup

It’s finally here hockey fans the 2014/15 NHL Season kicks off tonight with 4 games, including Toronto vs Montreal and Philadelphia vs Boston two great rivalries get to kick off tonight’s action.

The Los Angeles Kings are the defending Stanley Cup champions and surprisingly not the team to beat.  The Kings are not the odds on favourites to win the 2014/15 Stanley Cup according to the book maker.s

The odds on favourites are the Chicago Blackhawks despite finishing 3rd in just their division alone, they apparently are the team to beat.  Whether you agree or not the Chicago Blackhawks are the favourites at 7.50 Odds.

Interesting year for Canada as Rogers took over the hockey broadcast rights over long time company CBC.

This season should be very exciting, their are plenty of teams that can win it all and I am hoping my San Jose Sharks can finally step up when it counts in the playoffs.  They were up 3-0 on the eventual cup champions, so frustrating to see them not succeed year in year out.

2014/15 NHL Season Stanley Cup Odds

Here are the current Stanley Cup odds (subject to change) from epic Bet 365 Online Sportsbook




Example Bets: $10 on Chicago Blackhawks wins $75; San Jose Sharks $20 wins $300; Edmonton Oilers $100 wins $10,100; Montreal Canadiens $30 wins $510. Los Angeles Kings $30 wins $270.

My Pick to Win 2014/15 Stanley Cup

I like the St. Louis Blues to win the 2014/15 Cup out of nowhere at 11.00 Odds/

NHL Games Wednesday October 8th with Predicitons

Montreal Canadiens 1.90 Odds vs Toronto Maple Leafs 1.90 Odds

Even money according to the odds makers who is going to win this game, I like the Leafs at Home.

PredictionToronto 3 Montreal 2 in OT

Philadelphia Flyers 2.65 Odds vs Boston Bruins 1.54 Odds

Going with the upset in the home opener for the Bruins.

PredictionPhiladelphia 2 Boston 1

San Jose Sharks 2.30 Odds vs Los Angeles Kings 1.66 Odds

Too much pressure and ceremonies for the Kings, I think the Sharks get some minor revenge.

PredictionSan Jose 4 Los Angeles 2

Vancouver Canucks 1.83 Odds vs Calgary Flames 2.00 Odds

Canucks starting a new regime with Ryan Miller in net and I think they can dose the flames.

Prediction: Vancouver 2 Calgary 1

Enjoy the Opening Night of the 2014/15 NHL Season


MLB Playoffs Begin Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore Preview

MLB Playoffs Begin Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore Preview

Welcome to the Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers ALDS game 1 preview!

The two wild card games have been played and baseball is down to 4 teams in each league, as they battle it out in a best of 5 series.

Baltimore Orioles (96-66) vs Detroit Tigers (90-72)

orioles vs tigers

The Baltimore Orioles are back in the post season after missing last year and hoping to do better than they did in 2012 where they lost in this very round.

On the other side of the coin the Detroit Tigers have not only been to the American League Division Series the last 3 years, they have made it out of the division series all 3 years.

This definitely will be a tough test for the Baltimore Orioles even if they have home field advantage for 3 of the 5 games.  I expect this to be a great series and as a side note the Detroit Tigers have won the last 3 ALDS and they did it all in 5 games 3-2,3-2,3-2.

Could this series go 5 games as well?  I think so.

Starting Pitchers Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore

Max Scherzer (18-5) vs Chris Tillman (13-6)

Detroit Tigers are starting Max Scherzer who has a very impressive 18-5 regular season record.

Max has faced the Baltimore Orioles 6 times and has a 3-1 record with a 3.92 ERA.

Baltimore Orioles are starting Chris Tillman who has a 13-6 regular season record.

Mr. Tillman has faced the Detroit Tigers 6 times as well and has an even better 3-0 record with a 3.58 ERA.

Both starting pitchers have played well against the opposing teams so it will be interesting to see if it is a pitchers duel tonight.

Game Odds for Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore

Here are the current betting odds for Game 1 between the Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles.

Odds are from Bet 365 Online Sportsbook

Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore To Win Game

Detroit Tigers 1.89 Odds

Baltimore Orioles 2.02 Odds

Interesting that even in Baltimore and with a better regular season record, the Detroit Tigers are the slight favourites to win Game 1.

Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore Total Runs

Over 7.0 Runs 1.80 Odds

Under 7.0 Runs 2.05 Odds

Game Prediction for Game 1 Detroit at Baltimore

I think despite the odds makers favouring the Detroit Tigers I like the Baltimore Orioles to take Game 1, with Chris Tillman never losing against the Tigers, I think he will keep it alive at home.

Baltimore 5 Detroit 3

Have a great day and please share this article if you enjoyed it.


World Championship of Online Poker Main Event Sunday

World Championship of Online Poker Main Event Sunday

There is nothing like winning a tournament, where if you do you can call yourself World Champion for an entire year!

The closest I personally have done is winning the world bloggers championship of online poker 8 game mix event last year.  But that is a drop in the bucket compared to Sundays World Championship of Online Poker Main Event.

The World Championship of Online Poker Main Event has a $5,200 Buy In with a $10,000,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool!

The guarantee means that 2,000 players will have to put up $5,200 directly or win in via satellites to just make the guaranteed prize pool, any less than 2,000 players and money will be added to make the guaranteed prize pool.

The winner of this tournament will not only be the world champion of online poker, but also an instant millionaire!

Are you ready to play the tournament of your life and become world champion?

Are you the next world champion?
Are you the next world champion?

World Championship of Online Poker Main Event Details


Don’t have a Poker Stars account then get one by signing up here for free

When: September 28th, 2014 14:30 ET concludes on September 29th

Buy In: $5,200 ($5,000+$200)

Guaranteed Prize Pool: $10,000,000.00 (That is 10 Million Real Dollars Guaranteed!)

First Prize: $1,500,000 or More! Along with the title World Champion of Online Poker

Starting Chips: 20,000

Blinds Increase: Every 30 Minutes

How to Become World Champion for Less than $5,200

I know that $5,200 is a lot of money for almost everyone, but you can get into this tournament for much less than $5,200 and still have that incredibly deep blind structure to grind your way to being a millionaire and world champion!

Here is my suggestion on how to get into the World Championship of Online Poker Main Event for less money.

Top 3 Ways to Get into $5,200 Buy In World Championship of Online Poker Main Event for Less

#1. Sept 28th 13:30 ET $82 Buy In Turbo Tournament with 25 Seats Guaranteed

This $82 Buy In Tournament has 25 $5,200 Seats Guaranteed which is $130,000 of Seats if you are too broke to spend $82 there are $7.50 Step 1 tournaments to $27 Step 2 to $82 Step 3 that you can use and get into this tournament for $7.50

#2. Sept 28th 13:45 ET $700 Buy In Turbo Tournament with 50 Seats Guaranteed

This tournament give you a seat into the WCOOP Main Event for at least the top 50 players, definitely needing a lot of people to put up $700 with $260,000 worth of seats in the prize pool.

#3. Sept 28th 12:30 ET $215 Buy In Deep Stack Tournament with 1 Seat Guaranteed

If your a good player, then play in this $215 Deep Stack with 5,000 starting chips and 12 minute blinds there are already 48 players registered and this is a great option to use your skill to turn $215 into potentially $1,500,000!

Use these options to get into the World Championship of Online Poker Main Event for less and you can win your way into any or all of these 3 tournaments for much less than their buy in.

Deposit $20 and get $20 free to play with at PokerStars

Start the Road to World Champion at Poker Stars Here

Tiger Woods at 141-1? Better than anywhere else regardless if he wins

2014 Ryder Cup Begins Late Tonight Day 1 Preview

2014 Ryder Cup Begins Late Tonight Day 1 Preview

The 2014 Ryder Cup is beginning tomorrow morning in Scotland, but if your in North America it begins late tonight.

The Ryder Cup is probably the most intense golf event in the world, its really tough to see the emotion of the players and fans at a higher level then the Ryder Cup.

This year’s Ryder Cup is a little different without Tiger Woods in the American squad, and one player might not seem like a huge deal, but I think his leadership and experience would be invaluable to the Americans.  Whether you love or hate Tiger Woods he is a big loss for the American squad for his talent and leadership.

The European team has the home turf advantage, which is invaluable in this event, whether they are winning or losing, the fans can right the ship or turn the win into a beat down.

2014 Ryder Cup Day 1 Fourballs Match Ups

Match #1 2:35 AM ET

USA - Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson vs Europe - Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson

These are two teams that are both calm, cool and collected they should be both up to the task for handling the first match of the day jitters.

Prediction: I like Rose/Stenson to Win 2&1

Match #2 

USA - Rickie Fowler and Jimmy Walker vs Europe - Thomas Bjorn and Martin Kaymer

Going to be a beat down, I think the Americans have this one in the bag.

Prediction: Fowler/Stenson to Win 5&4

Match #3

USA – Jordan Speith and Patrick Reed vs Europe – Stephen Gallacher and Ian Poulter

The young rookie battle should be an interesting one, I don’t really have a clear favourite in this match.

Prediction: DRAW

 Match #4

USA – Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson vs Europe – Rory Mcilroy and Sergio Garcia

The heavyweight title and definitely the main event of the morning.  Superstar team Bradley/Mickelson who have played incredible in the past vs Rory Mcilroy and Sergio Garcia.

I think this is going to be really exciting and going to go with the Europeans in this big one.

Prediction: Mcilroy/Garcia Win 3&2

Morning Result Prediction: 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 for Europe

2014 Ryder Cup Day 1 Fourball Betting Odds

Odds are From Bet 365 Online Sportsbook

Bet on the 2014 Ryder Cup at Bet 365 and get a 100% up to $200 Instant Bonus!

Bet 365 Online Sportsbook Link

Match #1 Watson/Simpson vs Rose/Stenson

Watson/Simpson 2.20 Odds

Rose/Stenson 1.66 Odds

(Draw You Get Your Money Back)

Example: Bet $5 on Watson/Simpson wins $11

Match #2 Bjorn/Kaymer vs Fowler/Walker

Bjorn/Kaymer 2.30 Odds

Fowler/Walker 1.61 Odds

(Draw You Get Your Money Back)

Match #3 Gallacher/Poulter vs Speith/Reed

Gallacher/Poulter 1.75 Odds

Speith/Reed 2.05 Odds

(Draw You Get Your Money Back)

Match #4 Garcia/Mcilroy vs Mickelson/Bradley

Garcia/Mcilroy 1.61 Odds

Mickelson/Bradley 2.30 Odds

(Draw You Get Your Money Back)

Enjoy the Morning Session of the 2014 Ryder Cup

Have a Sunny Day!

Bet on the 2014 Ryder Cup at Bet 365 Online Sportsbook and add some more excitement!
Bet on the 2014 Ryder Cup at Bet 365 Online Sportsbook and add some more excitement!

Gotham Premiers Tonight Guaranteed to Be Huge

Gotham Premiers Tonight Guaranteed to Be Huge

I am excited about the new television show that is finally premièring tonight Gotham.  It is show about the city of Gotham before the Batman series, starring Benjaming McKenzie as Officer Gordon.

This is going to be one of the biggest shows on television, it has an incredible foundation for success.  Don’t focus on the premier viewers, either I’ll explain that later below.  Lets take a look at why Gotham is going to be absolutely massive.

First of all if you take a look at the Batman movies you can find the last 3 in the top 100 movies of all time on imdb.  When you bring that high level of quality, that they have for the Batman franchise, that makes for a strong foundation.  They have so many little hooks that make this a series interesting to watch for so many people of different ages.

I still remember the Batman television show as a kid, it was definitely my favourite show at the time.  I still remember fake punches and fighting followed with crazy creative situations that Batman and Robin found themselves in and if they will escape stay tuned same bat time same bat channel.

Gotham has Benjamin McKenzie that was huge in the O.C, but I believe more impressive was the show he was in after Southland.  Southland besides the final season, I strongly believe was one of the best police detective shows of all time.  Benjamin McKenzie has the experience of playing a police office, so you already know if you watched Southland he is bringing the quality to this program.


Long Term Success for Gotham

If you see the preview how early they are actually starting, timeline wise for Gotham they have almost an unlimited television series lifeline.  10 seasons could be made, and I can’t see why it won’t be a deep running show like a 24.

I watched the prequel to the series a quick 20 minute show preview and the story lines, don’t seem that strong, but that doesn’t matter they have tons of time for it to develop.  It doesn’t have to be a non stop action film for it to be great.

Gotham has such a deep arsenal of characters and potential characters, they have already shown that they are bringing in a new character right off the bat.

Remember the Sandman?

Why Gotham Might Struggle from the beginning?

If you took a look at the schedule its going up against an hour long 2 episode premier of the biggest comedy in television right now, The Big Bang Theory.  It also going up against The Voice which obviously has a massive following.  The thing is not everyone can watch 3 shows at once, I expect the numbers to look a little disappointing when the dust settles.

I’m going to watch the 2 episodes of the Big Bang Theory at the later time zone.

I wouldn’t put too much into the ratings, they still could be big, but I think the show is going to bring a high level of quality and will grow like a 24.  Unlike 24 I expect it to keep the viewers rising as the series goes along.